Eleuthera Island Tour

This day tour is an all day tour which includes pickup and drop off to your hotel or Airbnb.


  1. Check in time 8:00 am , departure 8:30 am
  2. Depart Nassau
  3. Swim with the Eleuthera pigs
  4. sightseeing Tour of Spanish Wells
  5. Sight seeing the Arimoroa ship wreck AKA Egg island wreck
  6. Preacher’s Cave/Eleuthera Adventurers
  7. Swim with the majestic turtles in Harbour Island
  8. Gold cart tour of Harbour Island
  9. Authentic Bahamian lunch
  10. Bahamian Conch show
  11. Return home

Beautiful Eleuthera island is affectionately known as the Island of Freedom. Over 300 years ago, English Puritan Adventurers, now referred to as the Eleutheran Adventurers, in search of religious freedom, travelled to Eleuthera and founded what was probably the first democracy in the western world.

Eleuthera is an island of contrasts. It is just over one mile wide at most places but is 110 miles long with magnificent pink-white beaches, sheltered coves, breathtaking bluffs and cliffs and fine harbours. The cliffs are in the north where the deep blue color of the Atlantic Ocean can be seen on one side and the calmer turquoise Caribbean Sea on the other. This dramatic and breathtaking sight is highlighted by the Glass Window Bridge.

In the center of the island is the hilly farming area, famous for pineapples and tomatoes. In the south the island is green and flatter with quaint villages.

Governor’s Harbour is  the major settlement on mainland Eleuthera, and it is one of the oldest settlements in The Bahamas. Other settlements are Current Island, The Current, and Spanish Wells to list a few. We will spend most of our time on the settlement of Harbour Island. This old Victorian play ground is one of the worlds best kept secrets. Get ready to be dazzled by a pink sand beach, a romantic settlement and fantastic island cuisine.

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