$399 (Adults) - $299 (Kids)

Exuma Island Tour


  • Check-in time 7:30 am – Departure 8:00am
  • Arrive at Allan’s Cay to feed the Rock Iguanas
  • Worlds famous Swimming Pigs
  • Authentic Bahamian Lunch
  • Conch Show
  • Snorkeling
  • Swim with Nurse Sharks
  • Sand Bar or Beach
  • Return to Nassau for a Bahamian Junkanoo rush out

Description of stops:

  1. See the iguanas

To see the Iguanas, we take you to the fascinating Allen Cay – a horseshoe shaped isle ringed with beautiful beaches. This is home to the critically endangered Bahamian rock iguana. These lizards with their spiny mohawks can grow up to 4 feet long. Allen Cay is one of the few places in The Bahamas where you will find them in a mess (a whole group of them). Their colours of deep brown, tan and pink adequately reflect their pristine environment and lend to their allure. These iguanas are friendly and fascinating. Watching them interact in their natural environment on a fabulous beach is an entertaining adventure!

       2. Swim with the sharks at compass cay

Get ready for the thrill of a lifetime! Swim with sharks in a safe environment with experts who swim with them daily! The nurse sharks at Compass Cay have become as much a part of the family as the people who will welcome you on this exciting experience. Debunk the myths about sharks as you experience them for yourself – swimming up close and personal with these great animals. Let your vacation pictures from this experience do all the talking… and bragging!

       3. Swim with the world-famous pigs

Time to swim with some friendly four-legged friends known to melt a heart or two! They’ll be ready for you to feed them, and swim with them as they squeal with delight. These high-energy creatures will show you just how to enjoy the fabulous Major Cay beach. After a thrilling swim, relax in the shade and enjoy the view!

       4. Lunch at Black Point

Get ready to enjoy a scrumptious real Bahamian meal. it’s well deserved after working up such an appetite with all those adventures! The meal can consist of local seafood with tasty Bahamian peas n’ rice, and a variety of accompanying dishes, along with delightful drinks!

       5. Bahamian Conch show

Bahamian entertainers will put on an unforgettable show! Enjoy the music, sights and sounds of The Bahamas.

       6. Snorkeling

…And you thought all the beauty was on land! Prepare to enjoy an underwater world of amazement and beauty. Bahamian coral reefs are colorful underwater cities, home to a variety of fish and marine life.


       7. Beach and sand bar

The Exuma Cays are breathtaking – and a thrilling adventure through its countless cays. The water changes from turquoise and aquamarine to scintillating shades of blue. From day to day, these colors change. As the sand and the sea bottom moves, a surprise sandbar can appear anywhere! We look for these so you have the unique opportunity to lay off on completely untouched sand in the middle of the sea. These types of experiences are soul-filling and life changing. Come up with some of the greatest ideas in your life laying on the beaches and sand banks of the Exumas.

       8. Escobar plane sight seeing

The Bahamas, due to its location between the southern Caribbean Islands and America to the north, has been a trans-shipment site during eras like bootlegging and cocaine smuggling. The well-known cartel leader Pablo Escobar’s plane, among one of the many wrecks found in these waters.

       9. Return home to a Bahamian Junkanoo rush out

We will end the day with a bang – literally! Dance to the beat of the goatskin drum and dance to the rhythm of Junkanoo. It’s a colorful, lively festive parade that inspires all to shake a leg or two! This rounds up an unforgettable experience!

Exuma Cays
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